Eddix the Old Boar
(also known as Eddie Wills)

Welcome to the homepage of the oldboar.network - anything but boring!

“I think this is the best trip we’ve ever been on!”

The oldboar.network is an exciting new initiative to bring the historic environment back to life, both inside and outside the classroom.

Some people have grown up thinking that History is a dusty old subject with no relevance to our lives today. They couldn’t be more wrong! After all how can we know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve come from?

It is the mission of ‘The Old Boar’ to shed light on the dark ages using experiential education to share his enthusiasm for a forgotten past that can provide the answers to a sustainable future.

Specialising in the Invaders and Settlers topic of Key Stage1 and 2 History Unit 6A, B and C and Geography Unit 9 with an environmental twist, the oldboar.network can provide sessions at the following exciting off-site locations;

Wells Museum Ham Hill
Country Park
Musgrove Willows Carymoor Environmental Trust

Or ‘at home’ in your school. Choose from the ready made programmes, or you can have your own programme adapted to suit your needs - we can even help if you want an Iron Age roundhouse of your very own! The past has never been more excitiing. . .

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“Thank you very much for taking us to your camp and teaching us about the Iron Age. My favourite part was when I ground the wheat to make the bread”

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